Loyalty Rewards Program & New Offerings

Today marked our fourth week at the Waitsfield Farmer's Market.  We've enjoyed meeting all of you and appreciate seeing people come back week after week.  While we do our best to help people connect with the coffees we feature, eachother and ourselves in the few minutes we have together, it is the returning folks that we really get to know and establish a relationship with. As our way of showing gratitude, we are kicking off a loyalty program we hope our returning customers will enjoy. For every five cups of coffee purchased, the next one is on us.  Come by the stand and fill out a card, we're selling 9AM - 1PM every Saturday through the fall. Stay tuned as we develop this program, as we are hoping find ways to reward those who promote less waste by bringing their reuseable mugs, and those who like and follow us on social media.

In the next few weeks, you may see us trying out a few new things at the stand. We have been contemplating the best way to bring cold coffee to our consumers, debating between cold brew served on ice, pourovers brewed onto ice, coffee ice cubes, cold brew popsicles, or a form of coffee unfamiliar to most-cascara iced tea. Needless to say, we are weighing options between cost of equipment, preparation time ahead of market or during market, cost of materials (like green coffee, because cold brew requires a lot more coffee than regular coffee), preservation of quality, and of course, consumer preference.

As per usual, we will have two hot coffees being served as pourovers, and 8oz. bags of whole bean for sale. This coming week the featured coffees will be the Costa Rican El Cedral Natural process we had this week and a fully washed Guatemalan Antiguan coffee from Hacienda Bella Carmona. We like switching up the coffees as a way to feature different farms and expose and educate on different origins, varietals, processing methods, etc. Rotating out regularly also helps us convey the freshness of the coffee because something new is always being roasted up, which keeps us (roaster and barista) always learning too.

Lots cooking here at KS Coffee, and the online shop will up and running soon, which is super exciting for us. So many people have asked how they can get the coffee other than at the farmer's market, and it is a drag to tell them they can't, so we will be ecstatic when we can provide a better reply!  See you out there coffee friends!

KS Coffee