Rwanda Nyamasheke Mahembe

Rwanda Nyamasheke Mahembe


Roast Level: Light to Medium (approx. 46 on Agtron scale)

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Fully Washed

Grower: Multiple growers

Mill: Murundo

Region: Nyamesheke

Altitude: 1750-1900 meters

Harvest: 2018

Tasting Notes: Cedar, savory spice (cinnamon, cumin, coriander), bitter lemon/lime, apple, maple sap, bright and zesty with a tamarind like finish.

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Created in 2008 by Furaha Umwizye, the Kivu Belt estate brought washing stations to rural smallholder coffee producers. The Murundo washing station where this coffee lot was processed, allows more than 600 local producers access to washing and processing capabilities they may otherwise be unable to find for long distances.

Not only do the Kivu Belt facilities provide farmers with nearby processing solutions, but they provide training for proper cultivation and harvesting, and have offered assistance for health care to families in the local Mahembe community. They also incentivize producers to train and create higher quality coffee by providing additional payment in the form of quality premiums.

This coffee was triple washed.  It was first water sorted to eliminate immature or defect cherries, then washed after pulp removal/fermentation for density sorting, then washed a third time after fermentation before being dried on raised beds. This leads to a very clean coffee, allowing its complexity to shine. It is complex in that there are savory spice notes, yet the acidity is bright and zesty. Aroma and flavor notes include cedar, cumin, coriander, bitter lemon/lime, apple, maple sap, and a tamarind-like finish.

Transparency Note: This coffee was obtained through Royal Coffee NY. While we hope to create direct relationships with the farmers we get coffee from, that is not always possible, and we are grateful for our U.S. coffee importers.