Panama Horqueta la Berlina Geisha

Panama Horqueta la Berlina Geisha


Roast Level: Light (46 on Agtron scale)

Process: Washed

Grower: Casa Ruiz, S.A. la Berlina Estate

Region: Horqueta, Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama

Altitude: 1600 meters

Harvest: Winter 2017

Tasting Notes: Floral, jasmine, bergamot, nectarine, black tea, honey, very clean

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When it comes to cup quality, the Geisha varietal is currently the most sought after and award winning coffee. Though the Panamanian Finca La Esmeralda  of the Boquete region made this varietal famous, other farms, regions and countries have been proliferating Geisha and experimenting with different processing methods to achieve and accentuate the exceptionalism expected from this coffee. In a fully washed process Geisha, such as the bag of coffee you are holding, proper management of this varietal at high altitudes yields a very clean cup with delicate flavor attributes and a quiet complexity that can change throughout the cooling process. Some of the aroma and flavor attributes you may encounter while savoring this coffee include jasmine and citrus blossoms, stone fruit, tropical fruit, honey and vanilla. The acidity is  bright, yet smooth, and there is just the right amount of mouthfeel to balance out the cup.
La Berlina Estate, from where this coffee hails, is located in a little corner of the Boquete district of Chiriquí province called Horqueta, and owned by the Ruiz family. The Ruiz family employs the indigenous people, the Ngäbe, and are among the founding donors of the Ngäbere literacy program, which aims to preserve the Ngäbere culture by encouraging transliteration from spoken word to written in their native tongue.
Regardless of what language is native to you, this is a truly special coffee, and KS Coffee hopes you enjoy it as much as we have.