Nicaragua Jinotega, Karen & Yader's Perfectionist Lot

Nicaragua Jinotega, Karen & Yader's Perfectionist Lot

9.50 10.50

Roast Level: Light (50 Ground, 48 Whole Bean on Agtron scale)

Process: Washed

Grower, Farm: Karen & Yader, El Cipres

Region: Jinotega

Altitude: 1400 meters

Harvest: Winter-Spring 2018

Cupping Notes: Vanilla, baking spice and chocolate in the aroma. Flavor notes of plum, apple, white grape, honey, vanilla and clove. This coffee is juicy, bright and well balanced.

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The farm of Yader and Karen is located in one of Nicaragua’s prime coffee cultivating regions, Jinotega. They grow 4 hectares (almost 10 acres) of coffee trees under the shade of Cypress pine trees, aptly giving the farm its namesake, El Cipres. Their farm’s high altitude and unique microclimate cause harvest to occur 2 months after the rest of the country’s coffee harvest. Due to cooler temperatures, the coffee has a slower maturity rate, allowing the fruit to collect more nutrients, resulting in denser, sweeter beans and more complexity in the cup.

Through Yader and Karen’s direct trade partnership with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, they have access to free transport, coffee growing and processing technical support, marketing opportunities directly to roasters outside their country, and even higher pay than they would get through Fair Trade organizations. In exchange, Yader and Karen are rigorous in their commitment to providing very high quality, defect free coffees. The attention paid to proper picking, fermentation and processing is evident when you taste the cleanliness of this coffee.