Honduras Siete de Julio Honeyed

Honduras Siete de Julio Honeyed


Finca Siete de Julio, or Seventh of July, is located in the village of El Rodeo in Santa Rosa de Copán. The name is important to the producers, Evelyn and Hector, as it is the day they were married. It signifies a new beginning of their lives together as one, and  the beginning of this coffee farming venture, utilizing lands passed to Evelyn from her grandfather. It is clear they have a strong commitment to economic, social, and environmental development amongst their family, community, and the land.

This coffee is part of the farmer’s efforts to increase coffee quality in their production, having entered the specialty market very recently. Already they have established their ability to do so, with this coffee achieving an Alliance for Coffee Excellence National Winner Award in Honduras-no easy feat!

Obata is a rust resistant variety with good yield. This lot was honey processed, meaning some of the fruit was left on the parchment while drying, contributing to a winey acidity and dried fruit notes. Other tasting notes include hints of red currant, dried berries, fig newtons, allspice and chocolate.

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