Guatemala Antigua Hacienda Bella Carmona

Guatemala Antigua Hacienda Bella Carmona


Roast Level: Light (Approximately 46 on Agtron scale)

Process: Fully Washed

Grower: Luis Pedro Zelaya, Hacienda Bella Carmona

Region: Antigua Sacatepéquez

Altitude: 1500-1650 meters

Harvest: October 2017 - Feb 2018

Tasting Notes: Very clean, sweet and bright, with flavors of citrus (orange/lime), stone fruit, caramel, and vanilla.

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Founded in 1527, the city of Antigua’s colonial-era buildings and cobblestone streets are nestled in a valley lined with three volcanoes, one of which is the recently active Volcán El Fuego. Over centuries, volcanic ash has contributed to the structure and minerality of the region’s soil - a contributing factor to the legendary quality of Antigua coffees.

Luis Pedro Zelaya is a fourth-generation coffee professional whose reputation, in part, results from his remarkably clean and efficient beneficio that produces world-class coffees. His mill, Beneficio Bella Vista, processes coffees from surrounding farms in the area. While not all of the coffees processed at Beneficio Bella Vista are grown on his farms, this one is exactly that. This Bourbon and Caturra blend comes from his farm, Hacienda Bella Carmona. It is a fully washed coffee, with notes of cocoa, caramel, rye toast, bright citrus and nectarine. This is a straightforward, clean coffee, and is characteristic of the type of coffee coming out of the Antigua region.

 Please check out this blog post for details on how you can help those in the region affected by the recent eruption of Volcán El Fuego. From mountain to mountain, thank you.