Costa Rica Santa Maria Coopedota Red Honey

Costa Rica Santa Maria Coopedota Red Honey


Roast Level: Light (approx. 46 on Agtron scale)

Process: Red honey process

Grower: Finca el Cedral, Santa Maria Coopedota (900+member co-op)

Region: Central Valley

Altitude: 1550 – 1950 meters

Harvest: Winter 2017

Tasting Notes: Cherry, dried fruit (red currant, prune), brown sugar, creamy & smooth, very sweet

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CoopeDota is the world’s first certified carbon-neutral coffee exporter integrating social services and environmental protection practices while producing some of the highest quality coffee available in Costa Rica. Upon KS Coffee’s visit to the Santa Maria CoopeDota mill, it was evident along every step that care was taken to eliminate, recycle or upcycle waste,  to utilize solar energy and as little water as possible during processing. Coffee byproducts are used to fuel the mechanical dryers, water is  reused multiple times for depulping and washing, and trash pickup Coopedota manages for the Santa Maria region is repurposed for energy production. CoopeDota provides its 900+ members with access to wet and dry milling services as well as technical assistance to learn how to thrive in the coffee industry and educational support for their families. While they produce a significant volume, they also are deeply invested in highlighting exceptional microlots.
This coffee is from finca El Cedral, the farm CoopeDota manages, and was processed at their milling facilities, providing the organization oversight of cultivation, processing and maximizing control over cup quality and supply chain transparency. This coffee has undergone honey processing, where the skin of the fruit has been removed, but a fair amount of the pulp is intentionally left behind and naturally dried onto the parchment. Fruit character tends to thrive in honeyed coffees. In this unique offering, you can expect to find aroma and taste attributes including dried fruit, cherry, vanilla, brown sugar and chocolate. This coffee is very sweet and well rounded with a winy acidity and creamy mouthfeel.